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I will be scaling back on public projects and classes in 2017 to work on some personal projects.  However, I am still planning on teaching at the Sew Expo in MI in Sept.  Class information will be made available about one month before.




This is one of my student’s work from the 6-week Perfect Fit class I did for Burda Style.  Isn’t she talented?!

Ann says:

“The tailoring course I was taking this summer had a most interesting final assignment: remake a garment in your closet using the slopers and techniquest learned in the course.  I tore apart an old sundress and made an empire-waisted bodice using the slopers and then added the circle skirt which was another assignment in the course.  I’d cut the waist of the circle skirt with the empire waistline in mind.  I used scraps to make pockets in the skirt and then decided to use the leftovers from the circle skirt to make a jacket.  I used  the slopers to make a pattern for an extended sleeve jacket which I pieced together and trimmed with sundress fabric.  I’m on the verge of making a purse.  SURELY I can be stopped, but this is really fun.  The course has been a real confidence builder!”


final dress with jacket final dress, back final dress, front sundress

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