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Holiday Season

Well that nearly 2-year hiatus from the blog was unintentional, but a combination of some massive, devastating, technology failures plus my punishing schedule of law school… and here we are. To catch you up on my latest “fun”, I recently graduated law school (doing the 3-5 program in just under 2 years! While working full time!), wrote a book on contract law (hoping for publication in Spring of 2020), grew BeautifulTextiles.com (we’ve nearly doubled our inventory this year again, on top of doubling it last year!), and have been working on a variety of other projects. (Phew, right?!)

Most recently, I was honored to be the emcee for the Creative Clothing Club of Detroit’s fashion show at the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Novi on November 14th. You can find the video of that event here: https://www.facebook.com/SewingExpo/videos/421768578729974/

I’m really looking forward to sharing my projects and plans with you again! Enjoy the holidays and if too much time with the family is too much, to paraphrase the immortal Tom Lehrer, It’s only for a day so have no fear, be grateful that it doesn’t last all year!


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