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The Sound of Silence…

I know I haven’t posted in a couple months.  I spent half of January visiting the wonderful textile markets of LA, and friends in Seattle, came back in Feb. with the flu and spent the rest of the month in bed, exhausted.

I’m feeling creatively stifled and desperate to make something and break out of this ‘being sick’ cloud.  To that end, I’ve been frantically combing through Pinterest trying to find some little thing to jumpstart me and get me going, and I have to say, I’M SO FRUSTRATED with what I find!!  I have complained about this before, but I honestly don’t understand how some of these people become so popular!

So many of the projects I see look really exciting but are subject to the following failings:

  • The Impossible Score:  The entire project hinges on this one incredibly fabulous piece they ‘happened’ to score for $5 at the local flea market/thrift store/craigslist, but that none of us will ever find – let alone for $5!
  • The Non-Tutorial:  They include ‘tutorials’ which actually somehow take up an entire page with pictures and text and yet have no actual instructions or information on how to copy the look.
  • The Partial Tutorial: “We painted this filing cabinet with Benjamin Moore paint in Petal Pink.”  Sounds helpful, doesn’t it?  But no information on how they prepped the cabinet to take the paint (painting a metal filing cabinet is NOT like painting your wall!), or on how they removed the embedded hardware to repaint that.
  • The Budget Makeover:  This often uses the Impossible Score and the Non-Tutorial as part of it, but the other part is that one person’s budget is another’s luxury.  One ‘designer’ talked about how she sold the entire contents of her apartment in just 6 days on Craigslist (I can’t even get people to reliably pick up high-demand items in less than 6 days! And to sell them that fast, they were probably priced fairly cheaply.), then redid her entire apartment with a really small budget – starting with the small $300 used rug, custom flooring in other rooms, custom furniture (no mention of how much those were).  Bonus point for me?  The before and after photos of the apartment were identical!  Same color schemes, same furniture styles, it just looked like a minor rearrangement of decorations and small furniture.

(Bonus rant: Who are these people who keep posting about “how to stage a bookshelf” by painting the inside back wall and arranging, like, 5 books on each shelf, interspersed with objets d’art and stunning ‘casual’ photos?!?!??!  (Like most of us, I don’t have any stunning ‘casual’ photos.  Does anyone really want to see my blurry awkward family photos?!)  My bookshelves are entirely solidly filled with books, there is no room for objets d’art, you can’t see the back of the case, and I still need more bookshelves despite that being the primary furniture in our house!)

But remember, YOU, TOO, CAN HAVE THIS SAME LOOK!!!  Do you find these problems too?  What drives you crazy about these blogs and Pinterest boards?

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