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GAH!!! Why are websites so complicated?!

I’ve been trying for the past  SIX YEARS to create my own website where you can buy the art you like.  This shouldn’t be too hard, right?  After all, the internet is FULL of sites like that!  One of the major catches here is that I’m not willing to pay astronomical fees for it (I think $20K is too much for a basic set up where I’m doing all the work!!).  Still, this shouldn’t be that complicated, right?

I’ve tried a ton of free hosts and site builders, and I’ve even tried mainstream standards like Shopify.  Shopify is charging me (and not responding to my requests for help or instructions to cancel my account and stop charging me) for a site that will not do what it is supposed to – not sell more than I have.  This should be pretty basic, right?  If you only have 5 pieces, please do not allow someone to buy 6.  How complex is this?!

So, I’ve tried every site I can find that’s recommended, and still have no website with shopping cart.  I’ve even hired people to help with this, and not gotten anywhere with them either…. Yes, I’ve tried a WordPress site with cart, but got stuck and found that other people were complaining of the same issues in the forum and there was no fix.  Paypal integrates with many of the free site builders but does not allow users to add quantity – just one of anything.  How idiotic is that?!  Also, their customer service SUCKS!!!  A client tried to use them to checkout and something went wrong (with the technical Paypal end – charged them wrong).  Paypal refused to respond, so I had to just refund the whole order (couldn’t adjust it) – but of course Paypal kept the fees they’d charged me….

So, if you’ve got a brilliant solution that doesn’t cost ridiculous amounts of money when I’m doing all the work, please let me know!!!

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