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I’m Baaack!!!

I just got back from a month in Europe… tried posting my adventures for you, but sadly, the site took one look at the foreign IP I was signing in from and shut it down as an attempted hacking.  Appreciate the security, did not appreciate being locked out of all my accounts….

Over the course of the month I went to: Frankfurt, Wuppertal (near Dussledorf), Prague, Crete, Luxembourg, and London.  Whew!!  It was exhausting but absolutely wonderful to see so many new places and try so many new things.  Europe really makes you feel in a visceral way just how young America is.  We ate in restaurants that have been open for literally HUNDREDS of years!  For context, the oldest restaurant in the US is the Union Oyster House in Boston, which has been open since 1826.  A mere 189 years.  We were in U Fleku brewery and restaurant in Prague, which has been brewing continuously since 1499… that’s over 500 years old!!

The churches were unbelievably magnificent – especially in Prague.  I have never seen the likes of the Prague churches – all baroque, dripping with gold and murals, and amazing artistic magnificence!  I even saw the grave of a saint – all festooned with silver angels flying above it!!  The outside of that church was a gothic lacework of the most incredible detail and delicacy carved in the stone.  It was mind-blowing to realize that the church, St. Vitus’ Cathedral, was built in 1344 on the site of 2 other churches, dating back to 930.  Here is the Wikipedia photo of it:


Now that I am back, I will be posting about my trip.  Slowly, as I’m still recovering… I need a vacation from my vacation!

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