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Adventures in "Good Enough" Design

‘Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment’ – Monet

I think this quote from Monet needs to go above the door in my studio… I’m looking for something anyways, SINCE THAT REMAINS THE AREA WHERE THE PAINT WON’T STICK!  Then I spent FOREVER in Home Depot, collecting paint swatches of EVERY shade of white, which I brought home and stuck up on the ceiling.  Found the closest match, put some on the wall paint that accidentally got on the ceiling and found it looked all wrong… so broke out another can of basic white ceiling paint – perfect match!  In high excitement, we started painting and found that the purple was coming off, the white REFUSED to blend into the ceiling and was not at all a perfect match, and nothing was right at all.

So our latest solution for the ROOM THAT WILL NOT DIE is not to apply paint all over the ceiling – trying to pounce cloud-like forms on it.  We hope it will hide our accidental paint damage (exacerbated by the painter’s carelessness), and hide all the errors made the previous people – whose undercoat still peeks through the white.


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