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Phew or Grrr?!

I am not sure if this is good news or bad news…

On the one hand, my DIY cred remains fully intact (yay!)… On the other hand, not even the very-expert, professional painter can make the walls in my sewing room look evenly painted and not blotchy.

This is a HUGE relief because I couldn’t understand how I could possibly screw up a simple paint job THAT badly.  This is not the first wall I’ve painted, and I was feeling like the most inept artist ever!  (PS, did you know that painting a room is the single most common DIY project?)  This is also a MASSIVE disappointment because if even the pro can’t get it, what are my options?!

* Wallpaper

* Stencil

* Faux finish


All of which are a lot more work, and more time, and more money, and more headache, and I just really, REALLY, want to be done and set up my work space!

Today the painter returns to paint my office space (given the hassle of the sewing room, we decided to just let someone else tackle this altogether.  We spent the night feverishly striping the room bare, and then patching all the holes (WHY DID THEY ATTACK THE WALLS?!  There are dents and gouges everywhere, and one of the floating shelves was improperly installed, so when we removed it, it took a massive chunk of wall out with it!!)

Then I can start doing the freehand painting in there – the end result will be Chinoisierie panels above painted wall panels.  I know this makes no sense, but it will when you see the pics, trust me!  Have I bitten off more than I can chew again?  Probably…  ;D


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