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Kona Bay Fabrics Magazine…

Is finally here!  Remember I said back in December that my article on how to make an adorable iron caddy would be coming out in their January issue?  Well, the “January” issue has just been released (I know, please don’t look at your calendar and do the math.  Let’s just pretend it’s cold and snowy now, you made your new year’s resolution last week and have already broken it, and you are snuggled in a cozy blanket while reading this.)!!  You can find it online HERE, my tutorial starts on page 77.

It was a really interesting process to work with them, and I’m very sorry they had to edit my tutorial down to the bare bones, removing some helpful tips and warnings.  But it was very exciting to share this with you.  Don’t you just love their beautiful fabrics?!  I’d posted the blue and green iron caddy here before, but hadn’t posted the pictures of the gorgeous Asian black and red fabric caddy… note the frog closures ;>  What do you think?

asian iron caddy


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