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I got SO lucky!  I’d been planning on making my own headboard for our bed for quite some time, just haven’t really had the time and wasn’t entirely positive about the final design.  So I was looking for ideas, and found the perfect headboard:

purple velvet






After some digging, I found it on Amazon (click on the picture to be taken directly there)… and in an absolutely miraculous stroke of events, the ONE COLOR AND SIZE I wanted was mysteriously marked down to $83!!!  Down from the usual $210, and with free shipping besides!!  I sat up, gnawing my fingers anxiously until my husband woke up so I could ask him if he liked it and demand he order one immediately.  I tried to remain sanguine and kept telling myself that if the price changed before we could order it, then it wasn’t meant to be.  My poor sleepy husband was stunned when I jumped on him as soon as his alarm went off 😉  We got it, and it looks GORGEOUS!

I needed something that I could sit up against comfortably, and this is the right height and comfortable, and I LOVE the look!!


I also needed a larger rug for the living room, but I had some really unrealistic demands: The rug should be pure wool, or wool with an accent design of another material; should be nice and thick; should be at least 5’x8′, it had to be pretty, AND I wanted it for less than $100, shipping included!!!  This was proving a totally impossible combination, and I’d become fixated, totally obsessed with finding The Perfect Rug.  I finally stumbled across RugsUSA and their spectacular $99 rugs!  I found 2 I liked, that were pure wool (one with some viscose accent), and one was 5’x8′ and one was 6’x9′ – WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!  Don’t forget to sign up on their newsletter for coupons – but be ready to order, because I got my coupon instantly and it was only good for about 24 hours!

TA-DA!!!  The black/gray/red is in the living room and looks beautiful (will post pics as soon as the moving boxes are out of the room 😉  ), and the zebra will go in my office as soon as that room is done…


rugzebra rug


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