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Bad DIY…

I’m looking at lots of DIY tutorials for ideas to solve some of the furnishing problems I have, and am really frustrated by the number of them that offer things like:











I’m thinking, wow, $20?!  Yes, please tell me how to DIY it for less than $20!

“Step 1: I take this gorgeous chandelier I happened to already have that I found at the flea market for 5 dollars 50 years ago that’s just been sitting around since my great grandma (an heiress) left it to me, and I spray paint it to change the color, and I add 3 replacement crystals for the ones that were missing, and

TA-DA!!!  A fabulous French chandelier that cost $19.95 for 2 cans of spray paint and 3 crystals, and looks like a million bucks!!”

Are you as sick of these idiotic teaser projects as I am?


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2 thoughts on “Bad DIY…

  1. marcellavo on said:

    Yes! Damn those insomniac heiresses with just too much time on their hands and dusty treasures in their attics…forgotten and waiting to be rediscovered. I’m likely to rediscover only an old sock, or length of ribbon too short for tying a knot. Learning to resist all the click bait out there puts a dent in one’s pride, but is worth it in the end. Onward.

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