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FINALLY managed to track down a metallic silver paint (Ralph Lauren, available at Home Depot), and after spending several HOURS working on the wall, I finally found a finish I really liked that also covered the blotchiness.  Came out really nice, no? (the wall is not finished, clearly 😉  Just look at the middle main part.)

faux finish wall

However, when the sun fell, I realized that the room was now too dark… I really prefer the lighter original paint.  So now what?  Well, we can try another coat – should be pretty easy to cover up my fancy faux finish, already discovered that the dark paint is easily covered by one coat of the light paint.  If THAT doesn’t work (as I suspect it won’t), then we will have to, GASP, HIRE someone to do a nice even coat of paint for us.  I feel like a total DIY failure at the thought of hiring someone – especially for such a simple task.  But my admirable, wise, husband explained that I was looking at it all wrong… I’m hiring someone to TEACH me!  After all, with all my experience and research, I’ve been unable to figure out both why the paint is blotching and how to get it right.  So we are hiring a professional to teach me how to do it properly.  Smart, isn’t he 😉  That’s why I married him!

My biggest concern now is that by the time we are all done, the numbers of layers of paint on the wall will have made the room about 1′ smaller all around 😉

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