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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

Didn’t have much to post for a while – I’ve spent the past month-plus living in a very basic hotel and trying not to go insane.  But we finally found a house and are settling in.  After moving 6 times in 2 years, it’s WONDERFUL to fully unpack and be reunited with my treasured friends – books I’ve been really missing!   Things are really busy, but we are trying to settle in to this new state and adjust to the culture ;P

The house is beautiful, but needs a little work, especially painting the bedrooms!  This guest room will become my new sewing room – with separate fabric storage area.  I’m so excited, I have so many new projects in mind, I really can’t wait to finish unpacking so I can start!!  Meanwhile, the latest spring fabrics have been pouring in – I can’t even keep up with listing them, AND we are going to Chicago next month for the opening reception of an art show I have some work in!

Here is my new sewing room with it’s original paint job, and the new color we are putting in – a lovely shade of periwinkle.  What do you think of the rainbow sherbert stripes?  I found them a little bit of an odd choice, even for a child’s room…  Is this just me?

IMAG3115[1] guest room before

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