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Art Tour

Last week I went on a local art tour covering about 5 artist studios with about 20 artists – a whole range of media – wood, metal, glass, textile, collage, etc.  It was really cool and so much fun to meet and talk with local artists and see what everyone was doing.  I strongly encourage you all to go to your local art tours and art shows (there are a lot of them this time of year!) and buy gifts for your family and friends from these shows.  When you support your local arts, you are helping people chase their dreams and feed their families, but you are also buying something more personal, unique, and with more spirit than anything you will find in a mall.  The mall may be cheaper in absolute terms, but would you rather support sweatshops with unsafe conditions and unfair labor practices or buy ethically and locally?  Yes, art is more expensive, but there is still something for everyone and every budget and art won’t go out of fashion next month and just get thrown out!

I was also really excited to get this terribly sweet compliment from one of the artists after the tour:
“Your work is stunning! Everything is exquisite from the fabrics to the designs (many would flatter almost any body type) to the details. Each one is so unique; some elegant, some playful, some retro, Asian themes, etc.”

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