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Kona Bay Fabrics and Fabric Vine Magazine

Continuing the News of November trend, I’ve just agreed to produce a series of tutorials for Fabric Vine Magazine on non-quilty uses of Kona Bay fabrics!!  First one will appear in the January edition of the magazine.  So, I’m thinking a portable iron tote/ironing board, clutch, maybe a tie?, a skirt, altered sweaters, etc.  What would you like to see?


More news…

Well, this is shaping up to be an exciting month!

In addition to the fabric design submissions, I’ve also submitted some work for another fabric magazine and am talking with them about a cross-promotion!  Hope to have more info for you soon…

Meanwhile, we finally settled with the awful moving company that damaged almost every single thing we own (after 2 years!), and I am at last free to throw away the broken pieces!!  In an effort to make my peace with the torment this situation caused us and to find some way to redeem the last 2 years, I’m going to try to rework what I can to use it in some way.  First on the list of projects I’m dying to start is a coffee table which I will paint with a kraken design…!!

Fabric Design…

You may remember that back in September I was asked to design some fabric collections for a quilting fabric company.  I’ve been hard at work on them and finally submitted those today!  Let’s hope they like them!!  I have so many great ideas for fabric, but need to work on my skills as a draughtsman so I can illustrate them the way I see them in my mind…

Whether they select any of my collections or not, I’m thrilled I was asked to submit!

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