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Tiny Books for Tiny Tales…

For the opening reception of the Tiny Tales show, I decided that I just absolutely HAD to have a tiny book necklace to go with it.  Obviously my life would not be complete otherwise, right?  So I made this tiny book – which is actually the first paragraph from the Dancing Princess story, and gave it a bright red leather cover to match the outfit I was wearing to the show (red linen palazzo pants I’d made with a black silk twist neck top).

What do you think?  Should I make some more to sell?


Tiny Tales, Small Stories show

The show opening was lovely, and there were some really creative and awesome entries.   For this show, all pieces needed to be no more than 6″ in any direction, and include a short story of no more than 200 words.  This is my entry – the story of a shy dragon who is really tired of these pesky knights harassing him ;>

The Dragon and the Knight by Darcy Lewis











I loved this watercolor entry from Kevin Cain (who’s stunning illustrations can be found at http://kecain.wix.com/kevin-e-cain  ):













And this adorable hedgehog that falls in love with a pincushion from Jenny Chang 😉 As a seamstress, I really fell in love with this cutie!  (Jenny’s work can be found here: http://thepaintedmenagerie.etsy.com/ )



Denim Quilt…

Finished the quilt top for my denim quilt today (finally!).  It’s an ombred quilt (light to dark) made from old jeans.  The plan now is to use a thin piece of bamboo batting for the middle, and then the backing is a purple embossed Perry Ellis top sheet – I couldn’t find a piece of quilt-width fabric for the backing that I liked, and then quilt an underwater scene over it.  A trifle ridiculously over the top, no?

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, ;>


denim quilt

Tiny Tales, Small Stories show opening!

I have a piece in the new show opening at Stunningly Strange gallery in Edmonds, WA this Thursday!  


Very excited… Photos will be posted…

Glowing Project…

I just found this awesome shower curtain on facebook…. You take a plain, clear, curtain and spatter paint it with glow in the dark paint.  I love the idea – although the execution is a little too 80s/college dorm for me, but this would be great for a kid’s bathroom or …?  This might also be cute with a space scene shower curtain (or bedroom curtain), with the stars picked out in glow in the dark paint.  What would you do around your house with glow in the dark paint?

Original post here:

Glowing Shower Curtain


glow in the dark painted shower curtain

Introducing Thimble Studio!!

I’m so excited to finally introduce Thimble Studio – a website that has been a dream of mine for some time.  Thimble Studio’s goal is to be the encyclopedia of sewing – compiling all kinds of expert tutorials, videos, books, products, and advice from all across the web into one place where you can go for answers. 

Obviously, the internet is a VAST place, and I am linguistically limited in picking out good sites.  This is where you come in!  Submit your favorite sites, book recommendations, tools, photos of your projects, sewing questions, etc. and help us build this site!  Submissions do not have to be in English.

I’d love your feedback, so if you have an idea on how we can make it better, I’d love to hear it.




Repainting Grandma’s Room…

Spent the past week visiting the in-laws and ended up spending most of it repainting Grandma’s bedroom.  Had a lot of fun faux finishing it.  This was definitely an example of Good Enough…the paint store told me that no matter what I used, I wouldn’t be able to cover the dark green with one coat of anything – even paint and primer in one.  Not only did we cover the green (with pale orchid!) in one coat, but the edge at the ceiling and floor couldn’t be perfectly done (previous painters had smeared some of the dark green on the ceiling, couldn’t cover that), but on the next visit we will put up crown moulding and maybe rip up the old stained carpet and lay some wood floors and put on a nice baseboard, repaint the ceiling and trim…  This will totally do her for the year until we go out again and finish the job.

Grandma’s room before – the photo cannot begin to capture how dark and depressing this color really was. Darkest army green, that sucked up all the light in the room and made it look like a miserable troll cave. Poor grandma….








Grandma’s room after… I repainted it this lovely soft orchid color, and then sponged cream and gold over it, relayering the orchid over it where the cream was too heavy.  I also found the bedframe (before she had none – just the bed with no frame) and repainted that too in gloss white. So much nicer!!








Which room in your house do you want to redo and why?

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