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A Little Humor in Preparation of Hump Day…

I saw this recently and it totally cracked me up, because it is totally true!!


thoughts on making a scarf

KIMONO – Glorious kimono!!

I’ve started a new project series, rehabbing gorgeous vintage kimono into modern clothes.  I’ve had some interesting surprises while disassembling them – internal construction details I didn’t know about.  Here they are in their original form… I will post photos soon showing them in process…

TinyTales and SmallStories

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted into an art show to be held at the Stunningly Strange art gallery in Edmonds, WA, from Aug. 21st-Sept. 17th.  A miniature work of art accompanied by a short story.  Now, what shall I make…Hmmm…..

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