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The Tiny Apartment

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post…We’ve been moving into our tiny “temporary” apartment and been crazy busy with work!  Our new little apartment is about 700 square feet, and would be quite nice if it wasn’t for a couple ‘minor’ details:

  • The kitchen is too small for two people…or really even one, frankly.
  • There is only one bathroom (every couple knows sharing a bathroom is surely grounds for divorce)
  • There are 2 people in that space (yes, I know, many people live in smaller spaces with more people.  I am not one of them.  I NEED space!)
  • There is no work space for me.

You may have missed just how IMPORTANT that last one was.  Let me repeat.  There. Is. NO. Work. Space. For. Me.  – An Artist!  That’s like putting me in a corner and telling me not to breathe…for a few months.  Don’t believe me about how bad it is?  I had to alter my husband’s suit and press it before an important meeting.  This is me doing the pressing, squatting in front of the bathroom door, pressing on a packing box… (The bolt of red linen was just to provide a good surface.  I made it into a pair of pants the next day.)


2014-06-17 18.19.27


So, I can’t live without space – especially work space – room to move in, a big table to cut and sew on, shelves of fabrics, shelves of books, and light – lots of natural light.  What do you need?

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