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Goodness!!! and Fashion Tip…

I haven’t been posting because it’s been quite a busy week!!

We have to be out of our rented house by the end of the month, so were looking for a house to buy in Seattle’s very-tight real estate market.  In the process of lining things up, the credit report revealed that my husband had been the victim of identity theft!  We check our report a couple times a year, but this happened in between our checks (make sure you check at least once a year!!  Since you can get a free copy of your credit report once per year from each of the 3 credit agencies, that means you can request 1 every 4 months and stay on top of any problems or errors.  If you find any, be sure to file a complaint and don’t hesitate to file a fraud alert if you suspect something.)  That, plus some car trouble…  Anyways, we are sorting all that out now and hope to have our own place set up by fall!

Meanwhile, I’ve been having fun ‘dressing’ friends in shop inventory – doing my best to sell it off!  Which leads to the advice in today’s post… When you buy a coat or jacket, or sometimes a skirt, if it has a pleat of some sort (kick pleat, inverted box pleat, etc.) or a vent, it is likely tacked shut with a criss-cross of thread.  Also, it may have pockets which are sewn shut.  Assuming there is a pocket bag, ALL OF THESE ARE MEANT TO BE RIPPED OPEN!!!  The pockets should be ripped totally open so they can be used, and your garment will lay MUCH more nicely if those vents and pleats are opened to move freely.  They are sewn shut to keep the garment nice and neat in packing and shipping, and so every customer who tries it on before you buy it and take it home doesn’t warp it out of shape jamming their fists in and out of the pockets.

I can’t BEGIN to tell you how often I see this on the street and how ignorant it makes the wearer look.  It’s the equivalent of walking around with the shop tags hanging off the garment.  And while we are on the same topic, I can’t believe I need to point this out, but suit jackets and coats with the brand label sewn onto the sleeve… Yeah, that’s supposed to be removed as well!!

Have a good week, and check your clothes!!  ;D



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