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My Latest Furniture Project…

I felt myself quite fortunate to stumble across this “find”.  It’s an old RCA Victor cabinet that has had a very difficult life – as you can see, it has been stripped of all its components and gizmos, it is backless, the whole bottom frame the cabinet was ‘born’ with had been removed, the front knobs were missing and the front had been decorated by a small child who had joyfully found a felt marker, and the whole piece is just generally pretty sad and battered.

But I look at it and see the beautiful lines it has and I see a magnificent bar cabinet all gorgeous and gloriously refinished.  I can hardly wait!  Right now, my plans are to clean up and repair the top, then I’m going to cover the top with a leather pad.  The body will be generally cleaned up and restored.  The inside will be stripped out and redone, the front side panels will be covered with a black and copper Art Deco imprinted paper, the knobs will be replaced with something beautiful – possibly with a mortise lock.  The inside back will have mirrored glass.

cabinet front beforeDSCF9750

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