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Creative Life Problems…

If you are a creative crafty person, you understand that there are certain problems that go along with that otherwise wonderful blessing…

  • You will horde art supplies.  (Remember, he who dies with the most art supplies, WINS!)
  • You will never have enough space for your projects.
  • Your family will always be in the way of spreading out your next project, and they will make totally unreasonable complaints about no space for them, where are they going to walk or eat, etc etc.  Blah blah.
  • Your car, and wallet, automatically know how to get to all the craft/art stores in a 20 mile radius.
  • Your house will always have that ‘comfortably lived-in’ look – being strewn with the detritus of UFOs (Unfinished Projects) and various supplies.

It’s a problem when I want to entertain, or really wish the house was constantly in drop-by readiness, but on the other hand, I really like being surrounded by my supplies and detritus.  I not only have my own studio space, I have an entire basement to my self.  Is that enough?  Of course not!!  I want to be where my family is in the evenings, and I can’t sit in the living room with them and be idle, so my work has to come up with me there.  Ane then it spills over…

Plus, I keep trying new techniques, and getting involved in new projects, so now I have part of the garage and the covered porch filled with furniture waiting for a makeover, while the living and dining rooms are filled with fabric piles…

What is your creative mess challenge and how do you deal with it?


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