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Fused-Plastic Bag Art

I’m going through the house, trying to “rehome” as much as possible (shelters, neighborhood groups, recycling, etc.) and get rid of things, and I came upon several boxes of plastic bags that I had made the bewildered movers pack and move.  Why, they wondered, would I bother with something that is ‘trash’.  There were 2 reasons.  1) I use plastic grocery bags as trash bags.  I was now moving to someplace that, I had been warned, had banned plastic bags so I would no longer have regular trash bags and figured it might be handy to have some of my own (I know I could buy, but that seemed really pointless – plus I like the size and handles of grocery bags).  But the main reason I wanted them was that Once Upon A Time… I used to teach fused-plastic art and grocery/shopping/garment bags were PERFECT for that!

Curious?  Here is a photo of a wall-hanging “garment” I made entirely from fused plastic bags….The back has a few pieces of fabric decorating it (the hot air balloons, cows, frogs, clouds) – which are attached with a layer of clear plastic over the top of them – fused into the rest of the piece.   Some machine stitching is used solely for decorative purposes.  The front is all plastic bags – the red stars are from Macy’s logo, my name is on the inside back – using a decorative D from Dillard’s, and the rest – arcy – is macys cut up and rearranged ;>  The grasses are half-fused so they flutter in the air.  Click on it for a larger image.

What do you think?

plastic bag jacket


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