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Happy Anniversary

Today is our anniversary, so I decided to whip up some delicious Nutella mini-cheesecakes (R LOVES Nutella!), using this recipe I found – No-bake Nutella Cheesecake

Now, the recipe calls for frozen whipped topping…yeah, SO not happening!!!  I made my own whipped cream, but have always had trouble with using a mixer in this bowl – it tends to spatter the whole kitchen no matter how careful and absolutely-upright I keep the mixer.  Kitchen hack was clearly called for!!  I’ve tried making a half-lid from Saran Wrap before (disastrous results – don’t ask!), but I thought the idea was still good.  So I ripped off a piece of aluminium foil and made a shield.  Worked perfectly.  Cream was whipped up in no time, I could move the mixer as necessary, and no spatter!!

And a lovely anniversary dinner was had…

My spatter-guard….                                    The finished product…

My foil spatter-guard        Nutella Cheesecake

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