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My Piano Bench Redo….

So my latest FINISHED project (as opposed to the gazillion UFO projects still “in process”) is this piano bench redo I’m rather proud of.  We wanted a bench for our bedroom and I was deeply in love with this turquoise crocodile-embossed fabric.

I haunted Craigslist and Goodwill and other sources for AGES trying to find a bench, before remembering that I had this old piano bench I’d stuffed away in the basement – always intending to give it a makeover.

So I primed it with RustOleum’s Painter’s Touch 2x Primer and Paint, then gave it a coat or two of their Bright Finish in Chrome for a really nice silver.  To be honest, I was not thrilled with either paint, and will try something else next time.  I then mixed up some acrylic paint to match the turquoise fabric, and painted the grooves in the legs – painstaking, but totally worth it!!

I upholstered the top with 2″ HD foam, and sewed a piece of black cotton to the underside to create a really nice finished look (I hate visible staples or that crappy non-woven fabric you so often find on the underside of store-bought furniture).  I lined the inside bottom with a Renaissance-print Italian paper, then sealed it.  Since this was the first time I had ever upholstered anything (not counting the time when I was 5 and “helped” my dad make an upholstered ottoman from scratch), I am really proud of this and how it came out.  Having done it, I’m now ready to sell it and make something new…. Anyone want to buy it?  ;>

Click on the photo to enlarge it…

Piano bench remodel


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